“Confiscated Properties: Architecture, Ideology, and Performance” aims to appropriate and permeate a confiscated property through a calendar of community-based performances.

The Great Learning Orchestra music collective (Stockholm) has invited UK-based composers Tony Harris and Barry Russell to form a calendar of participatory events and experimental music performances for confiscated properties in Palermo, from June to November 2018.

The project re-thinks the role of properties seized from organized crime, in relation to the history of the city, the protagonists of the counterculture, together with the organizations and self-run groups in Palermo over the last 40 years.

A series of preliminary events has accompanied the project since March 2017.


Confiscated Properties: Architecture, Ideology, and Performance 

June 16th-November 4th 2018

Opening Performance: June 16th, 11am

Magazzino Sea Beach Immobiliare srl, Liceo Danilo Dolci, Via Fichidindia, Brancaccio, Palermo

Curated by: Valentina Sansone

Music Curator and animateur: Robin McGinley (The Great Learning Orchestra)

Composer and animateur: Tony Harris

Composer and animateur: Barry Russell


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Manifesta 12 Palermo Collateral Event